Grammar – Pronouns, Numerals


Please fill in the gaps by choosing the correct word listed below


  1. The new bank in my city and another corporation announced __________ would organize a charity.

A) it

B) they

C) its

D) their


2. The blue house at the end of the street is __________

A) I

B) my

C) me

D) mine


3. Our dean reported that ____________will soon be retiring

A) he

B) his

C) him

D) himself


4. My mother established a small business all by__________A) she

B) her

C) hers

D) herself


5. The two firms merged last month, but they have not decided how to treat __________ employees.

A) they

B) their

C) them

D) themselves


6. My professor asked ____________ to finally hand in my essay

A) I

B) my

C) me

D) mine


7. Last year, when we visited France, we found ___________ old co-worker

A) ourselves

B) our

C) ours

D) us


8. The information we needed was collected by our staff members, but one of them sold __________ to our competitors

A) it

B) they

C) he

D) she


9. The money we have gotten from the charity was lost, but we managed to find __________.

A) they

B) it

C) their

D) its


10. The implementation of the new project __________ went really well, but after the implementation, many people gave up on the purpose of the project.

A) by itself

B) by themselves

C) themselves

D) itself


11. __________ of the employees registered for the upcoming seminar about management and supervision.

A) Almost

B) Some

C) Any

D) Every


12. I have run a __________ errands this morning, while my children were at school

A) many

B) much

C) few

D) every


13. __________ chefs on the list were not hired for the reception.

A) Another

B) Other

C) The other

D) One another


14. We definitely need __________ cup of coffee to wake up

A) another

B) some

C) other

D) any



15. Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Buchanan have known __________ since they were high school students.

A) each one

B) each other

C) everyone

D) some other


16. The train goes to Warwick station __________ 2 hours

A) any

B) other

C) every

D) some


17. Even though I haven’t tried __________ products, I have to say, I didn’t like them too much

A) any

B) some

C) either

D) all the


18. He left a note on __________ table in the classroom

A) some

B) other

C) all

D) every


19. This computer has many effective functions, but I want a much more user-friendly __________.

A) one

B) each

C) another

D) the other

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