Grammar: Tenses, Prepositions, Comparison


Please fill in the gaps with the correct word listed below


  1. Yesterday morning, he_____________ my colleague as the new manager in the staff meeting.

A) appointing

B) was appointed

C) appoints

D) appointed


  1. The draft of the contract_____________ by my new employer has been more than satisfying.

A) written

B) was written

C) write

D) writing


  1. We were_____________to stay away from the fire

A) asks

B) asking

C) asked

D) ask


  1. We had our house roof _____________

A) repair

B) to repair

C) repairing

D) repaired


  1. I visited my aunt _____________ Germany last year

A) in

B) to

C) at

D) for


  1. My sister’s birthday is _____________ October 2, and we are planning on a surprise party for her

A) for

B) on

C) in

D) with


  1. We should be done with our work _____________ the time he comes back

A) from

B) to

C) for

D) by


  1. This year’s company picnic was canceled due _____________ the sudden death of our president.

A) for

B) under

C) among

D) to


  1. Everyone attended the class of a well-known professor except_____________ him

A) on

B) under

C) for

D) along


  1. I have started exercising yesterday, and in a few months, all my hard work will pay_____________

A) out

B) off

C) in

D) with


  1. The lady_____________ white shoes, is buying some groceries.

A) on

B) for

C) out

D) in


  1. This bag looks like the most_____________ one

A) expensive

B) more expensive

C) expensivest

D) most expensive


  1. This book is _____________ than the other one

A) interesting

B) more interesting

C) most interesting

D) the most interesting


  1. The car we wanted to buy was not as _____________ as this one

A) good

B) better

C) the better

D) best


  1. Our president made the _____________ decision.

A) most brilliant

B) brilliantest

C) brilliant

D) as brilliant as



  1. The merger of Newton Bank and the Bank of California means they will become _____________ in the country.

A) big bank

B) bigger bank

C) the bigger bank

D) the biggest bank


  1. On Monday, Palmolive Co., Ltd announced that they _____________ one of their competitors.

A) acquire

B) acquires

C) acquired

D) had been acquired


  1. The sales figures _____________  dramatically since Mr. Robertson was hired.

A) have been increasing

B) had been increasing

C) will be increasing

D) is increasing


  1. Yesterday, Replay Co., Ltd and Adidas Corp _____________ to form the largest organization in the industry.

A) merge

B) would merge

C) has merged

D) had merged


  1. If I had money, I _____________ a house.

A) will buy

B) buy

C) would buy

D) bought

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