Lesson 16: Looks

Happy group of people standing together


Practice by reading the dialogue with your tutor. After you are done, switch roles and do it again! πŸ“˜

  • K: You look so much like your mom.
  • D: Yes, we both are tall with long black hair.
  • K: I also look a lot like my father.
  • D: Good thing you have more hair.
  • K:Β For now…



Using “can” and “cannot.” πŸ“˜

  1. “Can” is used to express ability or to say that something is possible. πŸ“˜
  2. “Can” is the same for all subjects. We don’t add an ‘S’ in the third person (like other verbs). πŸ“˜
    • I can speak English.
    • He can swim well.
    • We can see our neighbor.
    • They can play the guitar.


Using the negative

To form the negative, we add “not” after can to form one word: cannot. πŸ“˜

We can also contract the negative to form can’t. (can’t = cannot). πŸ“˜

  • I cannot play the piano. I can’t play the piano.
  • She cannot speak English. She can’t speak English.


Asking questions

To form a question, we can move the “can” to near the beginning of the sentence.

  • Where can I buy an ice-cream? (from “I can buy an ice-cream”)
  • Can I go to the party, please? (from “I can go to the party.”)
  • Can you speak English? (from “I can speak English”)
  • What can we do on Saturday? (from “I can do something on Saturday.”)




Go over the vocabulary below with your tutor. πŸ“˜

  • Height: short, medium height, tall πŸ“˜
  • Build: skinny, thin, slender, average, overweight, fat πŸ“˜
  • Hair color: black, brown, blonde, red, grey/gray πŸ“˜
  • Type of hair: short, long, medium length, bald πŸ“˜
  • Eye color: blue, green, brown, dark πŸ“˜
  • Age: young, middle-aged, old πŸ“˜



Answer the questions with “can” or “cannot”Β (can’t)Β πŸ“˜

  • What languages can you speak? I can speak English and Spanish.
  • Can you swim? _____________________________.
  • Can you play the piano? ______________________.
  • Where can you buy Coca Cola? ___________________.
  • Can you cook? _______________________.


Fill in the blanks with the correct word: “can”Β or “cannot” (can’t). πŸ“˜

  • A dog can walk. It can’t fly.
  • A child can’t work. An adult _____ work.
  • You _____ buy milk at the supermarket. You ____ buy milk at the gas station.
  • Airplanes can fly in the sky. Airplanes ____ fly in the sea.
  • A cat can’t bark. A cat ____ meow.



Describe the height, eye color, and type of hair of the following people. πŸ“˜

  • Describe your looks. I am tall. I have green eyes. I have short hair.
  • Describe the looks of your best friend. ________. Β _______. _______.
  • Describe the looks of your dad. __________. __________. _________.
  • Describe the looks of your uncle. _________. _________. _________.
  • Describe the looks of your cousin. ________. _________. _________.



Describe the looks of the person in the picture. Use “He/She Β has/is ___.β€πŸ“˜

Screenshot 2016-12-22 15.52.41.png


Discussion Questions

  • Describe how you look.
  • Describe how your mother looks.
  • Describe what your best friend looks like.
  • Would you like to change your appearance? How?


(Image Source: 1.Β http://www.slideshare.net/aniturra/physical-appearance-power-point-8860714, 2. http://ingles8.webnode.es/topics/third-semester/)

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