Lesson 6: Colors



Practice by reading the dialogue with your tutor. After you are done, switch roles and do it again! πŸ“˜

  • K: What is your favorite color?
  • D: I like red. What is yours?
  • K: I like green and yellow.Β 
  • D: Those are Brazil’s colors!





How to use colors in a sentence. Colors can be a noun or an adjective.Β πŸ“˜


Using “your” and “yours”Β πŸ“˜





Go over the vocabulary and expressions below with your tutor. πŸ“˜

favorite πŸ“˜
like πŸ“˜
lot πŸ“˜
dark πŸ“˜
light πŸ“˜
have πŸ“˜



Fill in the blank with a color. The answers should be about you. πŸ“˜

  • I have a red car.
  • My mobile phone is _____.
  • My favorite color is _____.
  • I have a _____ shirt.
  • I have _____ eyes.



Answer with your or yours πŸ“˜

  • Your hair is nice.
  • Is the pen ______.
  • I like _____ shoes.
  • She has ______ book.
  • Is the car ______?


Make a sentence using these words. πŸ“˜

  • (Pizza/favorite/my/food/is) My favorite food is pizza.
  • (dark/she/hair/has) Β _______________________.
  • (lot/he/a/money/has/of) ____________________.
  • (shirt/is/my/light/blue) _____________________.
  • (have/brown/hair/I) _______________________.


What color is the text? Answer with β€œIt is _______”. πŸ“˜

  • color = It is orange.
  • color = __________.
  • color = __________.
  • color = __________.
  • color = __________.


Discussion Questions

  • What color are your clothes?
  • What color are your tutor’s clothes?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • What colors are in your country’s flag?

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