Lesson 4: At A Coffee Shop

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Practice by reading the dialogue with your tutor. After you are done, switch roles and do it again!

  • K: I’m going to get another cup of coffee. Do you want something else?
  • D: I’ll take an Americano with a shot of vanilla syrup. Could you also bring me two packets of sugar?
  • K: You got it! Do you want anything to eat?
  • D: I want a sandwich, but I don’t like what’s on the menu. Could you ask them if they have other choices?
  • K: Sure, I will ask them. Two cups of Joe and 1 sandwich coming right up!


Using “another,” “other,” and “others” 

Read the diagram below out loud with your tutor.  Then try coming up with a sentence using each of the three words

Screenshot 2017-01-05 14.28.42.pngOther + Ones

Other can be placed before the pronoun “ones” when the meaning is clear from the text before it.

  • We don’t need those books, we need other ones. (= different books)
  • A: You can borrow my books if you like. B: Thanks, but I need other ones. (= other books)

Note: you can say “other one” when it refers to wanting the alternative.

  • I don’t want this one, I want the other one.

Others as a pronoun

Others replace “other ones” or “other + plural noun”.
Only others can be used as a pronoun and not “other”.

  • I don’t like these postcards. Let’s ask for others. (others = other postcards)
  • Some of the presidents arrived on Monday. Others arrived the following day.

Others – the others

Often “(the) others” refers to “(the) other people”.

  • He has no interest in helping others. (= in helping other people)
  • What are the others doing tonight?

What is the difference between other and others?

“Other” is followed by a noun or a pronoun
“Others” is a pronoun and is NOT followed by a noun.

  • These shoes are too small. Do you have any other shoes?
  • These shoes are too small. Do you have any others? (no noun after others)
Source: http://www.grammar.cl/english/another-other-others.htm

Common ways to express containers and quantities.

Read the diagram below out loud with your tutor. Then practice making a few sentences with some of the items.

Screenshot 2017-01-05 14.31.40.png


Fill in the blank with “another”, “other”, “others.”

  • Could you tell the others to come to the coffee shop?
  • I want (1) ____________ glass of water, as I’m done with this one.
  • (2) __________ people want to order coffee and food.
  • The (3) __________ asked for coffee to go.
  • She doesn’t like the (4) _________ types of coffee.

Practice placing a to go order at your favorite restaurant. Be creative!


This order is to go. I want a large iced mocha with milk and one packet of sugar. In addition, I want an egg sandwich with cheese. Could I get an extra slice of cheese on the sandwich, please?

Fill in the blank with the correct container or quantity. Several answers may be correct.

  • How many rolls of toilet paper are in the bathroom?
  • She wants a (5) ________ of tea and I would like a (6) ________ of water.
  • If you go to the supermarket, I need a (7) ________ of flour, a (8) __________ of milk, and a  (9) ____________ of ice cream.
  • To make a toasted cheese sandwich you need two (10) ____________ of bread and two (11) ___________ of cheese.
  • My mother asked me to buy a (12) _________ of tape, a (13) ________ of scissors, and (14) ___________ of thread.

Come up with 4 sentences using “another,” “other,” “others.” Try to use some examples of containers and quantities in your sentences.

  • The other day I bought another tube of toothpaste.
  • _________________________________________________________.
  • _________________________________________________________.
  • _________________________________________________________.
  • _________________________________________________________.

Discussion Questions

  1. What have you done recently to help others? Did you enjoy how it felt?
  2. Describe the ingredients and quantities you need to make your favorite dish.
  3. Who is your best friend? How do you treat one another?
  4. What items do you currently have in your kitchen? Describe both the item and the quantity.

(Source: http://www.grammar.cl/english/another-other-others.htm)



Answer Key:

(1) another

(2) Other

(3) others

(4) other

(5) cup

(6) glass / cup

(7) bag

(8) quart / half-gallon / gallon / carton

(9) carton

(10) loaves

(11) pounds

(12) roll

(13) pair

(14) spool

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