Beginner Grammar, Part 2 (마유영어 입영작)

  1. You look happy
  2. You’re not really cute
  3. It’s made by our company
  4. I’m better than you
  5. You are the worst
  6. My name is the same as yours
  7. She is as pretty as me
  8. I eat as much as you do
  9. You are smart enough
  10. English is so easy that Anyone can master it
  11. It’s too cold to wear a skirt
  12. Keep your eyes closed
  13. Leave me alone
  14. Let me borrow your money
  15. I heard you sing
  16. You make me smile
  17. Make sure you wake me up at 7
  18. Can you help me move this box?
  19. Help me with this
  20. You must come back
  21. I have to go to school now
  22. You don’t have to be shy
  23. You should try my pasta
  24. Anyone can do it
  25. I was not able to pass the interview
  26. You can try it on
  27. It can’t be true
  28. It must be a fake Chanel bag
  29. You must have loved him
  30. You might like him
  31. She might have lost my number
  32. Master Eugene might be able to help you
  33. You’d better call me every 5 minutes
  34. You might as well buy two
  35. I got my hair cut
  36. The more you eat, the fatter you will get
  37. You are not supposed to touch this button
  38. Was I supposed to wake the CEO up?
  39. Who am I supposed to see?
  40. I wish I were a princess
  41. I wish you had seen her
  42. You should’ve kissed her
  43. If you were my friend, I would be happy
  44. If you had called me, I could’ve picked you up

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