Cover Letter: Part 3

Before the lesson, make sure you have sent your resume to your tutor through Cambly’s messaging system. You can send an attachment by clicking the following button when you are logged on to Cambly’s website.

If you are not familiar with how to write a cover letter in English, you can download the following template as a guideline:

This following content has been modified from ResumeGenius. See the original article here.


Read the following text with your tutor. 

Congratulations! You’ve got the content for your cover letter. Now, it’s time to format it to make it look good to make a good impression.

Here are a few quick tips when styling your own:

  1. Have margins 1” – 1.5” margins
  2. Don’t go below a 12-point font
  3. Choose a professional font style
  4. Keep the same alignment of all paragraphs


Go over the following points with your tutors. 

  • Is your cover letter following the guideline?
  • If not, revise according to the guideline.


Read the following text with your tutor. 

Red Flags

I have “Red Flags” in my work or personal history — should I address them in my Cover Letter?

“Red flags” is something in your history that might reflect poorly on your job application. Below are some of the most common cover letter red flags. Learn more so you know how to be best prepared:

  1. I want a career change/ I’ve job hopped in the past
  2. I need to relocate for the job
  3. I have gaps in employment on my resume
  4. I was terminated from a previous job
  5. I’ve been laid off before
  6. I was previously self-employed
  7. I have a medical issues/disability
  8. I have a criminal history


Go over the following points with your tutors. 

  • Do you have any red flags that you want to address? Click the links to do further reading, then revise your cover letter with your Cambly tutor.

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