Interview 2: Why Should We Hire You?

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Read the following text with your tutor. 

What the Hiring Manager Is Really Asking…

For the hiring manager to make an informed decision about whether you’re right for the job, they’ll often ask a combination of both tricky and direct questions.

One common direct question often asked in interviews is: “Why should we hire you?”

Don’t freak out. While this question can seem overwhelming, it also gives you the chance to convince them you are the best choice. With preparation, you can explain with confidence how you’re the perfect candidate.

Follow the steps below to shine in answering, “Why should we hire you?”


Go over the following points with your tutors. 

  • Review the job description before you answer. Connect the description to why you’d be the best fit.
  • Ponder the reasons why you, and not the next person, should get the job.
  • What experiences have you excelled in that set you apart from the other candidates?


Read the following text with your tutor. 

#1. Research

In preparation for the interview, record what skills and experiences you’ve acquired are most applicable to the job. Focus on these key characteristics while answering. It also may be helpful to know what problems the organization is struggling with so you can show your willingness to help in solving those challenges.

#2. Know You’re the One

Know the keywords and phrases included in the job description and in the interview. Pick up on what qualities are emphasized then match your own skills and experiences to match what the hiring manager is looking for.

But, make sure you’re sincere. Support your statements with related examples and experiences so they know for certain that you’re the real deal.

#3. Add Your Value

Prove your worth by using examples of experiences that show what value you’ll bring. Instead of just saying, “I’m very organized”, add the example of when you coordinated multiple projects at the same time and excelled in each. Highlight how your management of each project contributes to your organization skills. Communicate to the employer that you are not only qualified but will also bring value to the organization.


Go over the following points with your tutors. 

  • Write down your top skills that are related
  • Combine your top skills with the value you’ll add to the organization.
  • Practice your answer with confidence with your tutor


Read the following text with your tutor. 

Example Answer 

When answering the question, “Why should we hire you?”, consider the following example:

“With a passion for this industry, skills, and experience to thrive in this role and an eagerness to serve with X, I know I would be a great fit here. I have the qualifications, experience, and advantages to add value to this organization. For example, in my previous job, I enhanced my skills in X and gained experience working in multiple roles. I developed problem-solving techniques in Y, which is something your organization is facing as well.”

With such experience, skills, and knowledge, I am confident I will bring a unique value to the team that sets me apart from other candidates. I look forward to the opportunity to show that.”


Go over the following points with your tutors. 

  • Write the first draft of your answer with your tutor.
  • Are there any words or phrases that you are not comfortable pronouncing?
  • Now rehearse with your tutor until you are comfortable answering the question without the script.

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