0-43. Whose friend do you think she is?


Repeat after the tutor. 

  • Whose idea do you think it is?
  • Whose bicycle do you think this is?
  • Whose daughter do you think she is?
  • Whose design do you think she is copying?
  • Whose parents do you think he is supporting?
  • Whose jeans do you think these are?
  • Whose song do you think I like?
  • Whose service do you think I use?
  • Whose child do you think I support?
  • Whose company do you think I manage?
  • Whose dog do you think I trained?
  • Whose computer do you think I broke?
  • Whose website do you think he hacked?
  • Whose movie do you think we should pick?
  • Whose gift do you think she will like?


Here are some grammar tips. 


Go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Use the illustration above if needed.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
important (adj) of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being
e.g. Whose ideas do you think are most important in regards to this task?
take (v) lay hold of (something) with one’s hands; reach for and hold
e.g. Whose mother do you think will decide to take her children out of school?
factory (n) a building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine
e.g. Whose parents do you think work in the car factory?
make (v) form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create
e.g. Whose student do you think will make the best creation for the science fair?
feeble (adj) lacking physical strength, especially as a result of age or illness
e.g. Whose patient do you think is more feeble and in need of care?
family (n) a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household
e.g. Whose family do you think has the nicest house?
industry (n) economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories
e.g. Whose industry do you think is strong enough to survive the economic trouble?
grass (n) a low, green plant that grows naturally over a lot of the earth’s surface
e.g. Whose grass lawn do you think has the nicest green color?
operation (n) the fact or condition of functioning or being active
e.g. Whose army do you think will have the most strategic operation?
neck (n) the part of a person’s or animal’s body connecting the head to the rest of the body
e.g. Whose dog do you think has the longest neck?


Go over the following exercise with your tutors. 

  1. Make a sentence.
    1. talking / whose / do / think / you / teacher / to / they / are
    2. parent / do / whose / think / you / is / of / proudest / them
    3. sister / troublemaker / whose / you / think / do / the / is / biggest
    4. family / closest / whose / is / you / think / do / the
    5. convictions / strongest / do / whose / think / are / you / the
  2. Correct the following sentences. 
    1. Whose illness do you think is the much serious?
    2. Whose dog do you thought was the cutest?
    3. Whose pet do you think will winning the contest?
    4. Whose laptop do you think they are borrow?
    5. Whose research do you think they copy?
  3. Answer the following questions.
    1. Whose advice do you think would have the biggest impact on you?
    2. Whose mentor-ship do you think has been most valuable to you?
    3. Whose job do you think you would most want to have, if you could pick anyone in the world to be?
  4. (Homework) Write a paragraph.
    1. Write 10 sentences using the grammar you learned today.
    2. Whose friendship do you think you most value out of the people you know? Write a paragraph about why that person means a lot to you. 
    3. Practice: Have you ever watched a movie where you’re asking a lot of questions to the person next to you? Think of three ‘whose’ questions that you would ask to try to figure out the plot of a movie. 


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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