Old Historic Buildings


After a quick greeting, use the following questions as a guideline to form an interesting conversation with your tutor. Feel free to diverge from these suggestions if anything interesting comes up.

  • Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.
    • What are the advantages of preserving historic buildings?
    • What are the advantages of replacing historic buildings?
    • What is one of your favorite historic building you’ve seen?


Skip this section if you have 15 minute plan. Read the word/expression and definition out loud, and your tutor will go over anything you do not understand. Practice creating a sentence or two to make sure you know how to use the word/expression properly.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
landmark (n) a location easily seen or having significance
e.g. example
building (n) structure with a roof and walls
Each developer had a different design for the new building.
historical (adj) concerning past events
Not everyone knew the historical significance of the house.
modern (adj) relating to the present or recent times
They were looking for a more modern appearance on the block.
preserve (v) maintain something in its original state
Some want to preserve historical landmarks because of their importance in the community.
demolish (v) to destroy
They needed all the signatures before they could demolish the building.
tear down (expression) destroy completely
In four days, they were going to tear down the beloved monument.
fall through (expression) fail, doesn’t happen
The plans for the new building were going to fall through if they didn’t do anything.
wear out (expression) to become unusable
The steps going up to the front have begun to wear out.
bet the ranch (expression) risk everything you have
When making the decision, he bet the ranch that he was right.

Something Extra

Read the following quote out loud.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
― Winston Churchill


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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