3-24. I’ll be sad if I didn’t pass the interview


Repeat after the tutor. 

  • Call us if you find him.
  • Keep dreaming if you want to be rich.
  • I am going to hire Warren if Tyler leaves.
  • She is going to move to Denmark if she finds a job there.
  • I will regret forever if I give up now.
  • I will call my brother if you hit me.
  • I will work harder if they pay me more.
  • We will be happy if you stay one more day.
  • She can speak English if she studies hard.
  • They can work for me if they pass this test.
  • I can’t finish this if you don’t help me.
  • He can’t go to America if they don’t approve his visa.
  • I can’t finish this essay if she doesn’t help me.
  • I can’t support my family if they don’t hire me.
  • You can’t speak English if you don’t study grammar.


Here are some grammar tips. 



Go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Use the illustration above if needed.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
regret (v) to feel sad or sorry about something that you did or did not do
She does not regret calling him.
approve (v) to believe that something or someone is good or acceptable
Her mom doesn’t approve of her actions.
conditional (adj) used to describe something that will happen on if something else happens
The agreement is conditional upon the money raised.
consequence (n) something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions
Stealing that candy bar will have serious consequences.
stumble upon (phrasal verb) to find or meet by chance: bump into
Maybe you’ll stumble upon your lost book sometime.
garage sale (n) a sale of used furniture, clothing, etc. held at the seller’s home
Before she moves, she’s hosting a garage sale to declutter.
pass through (phrasal verb) to move or go into or through a particular place
Hundreds of visitors pass through the exhibit each day.
astonished (adj) feeling or showing great surprise or wonder
She was astonished at the new information.
belonging (n) the things that belong to a person, possessions
They packed up their belongings and moved.
object (n) a thing that you can see and touch that is not alive
The assignment was to describe an object found in the room.


Go over the following exercise with your tutors. 

  1. Make a sentence.
    1.  clears / go / will / out / we/ and /play / the / (if) / storm
    2.  today / will / ask / he / her/ out / he / (if) / ready / feels 
    3.  will / snow / there / it / (if) / is / be / tomorrow / enough /cold
    4. (if) / would / she / should / outside / Sarah / thought / go / better / feel / make / it / her
    5. go / you / (if) / your / don’t / inside / life / house / the / value
  2. Correct the following sentences. 
    1. I wondered if she was going to telling on us.
    2. Nathan decide that if it didn’t stop raining, he would leave.
    3. If you do that one more time, you will face a consequences.
    4. You will never succeeded if you don’t try your hardest.
    5. We will have a new bicycle if the prices isn’t too high. 
  3. Answer the following questions.
    1. What food would you choose if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life?
    2. Pick one item you would bring if you were trapped on a desert island.
    3. What band would you listen to if you only had one CD?
  4. (Homework) Write a paragraph.
    1. Write 10 sentences using the grammar you learned today.
    2. Million Dollar Baby: Write a paragraph about what you would do if you won a million dollars?
    3. Memories for sale: On a weekend road trip, far away from home, you stumble upon a garage sale in a neighborhood you’re passing through. Astonished, you find an object among the belongings for sale that you recognize. Tell us about it.


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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