Lesson 7: Hobbies



In this lesson, your tutor will help you go over this topic: Hobbies. First, read the following dialogue out loud with your tutor, then switch roles and try again. 

Dorothy and Kevin are talking about their hobbies.

Kevin: Do you have any hobbies, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Not really, but I like books. I usually spend my leisure time reading books on my couch.
Kevin: What kind of books do you like?
Dorothy: enjoy reading all kinds of books! How about you?
Kevin: I’m really into hockey.
Dorothy: You do look like a hockey player! Do you play it often?
Kevin: I used to play a lot when I lived on the East Coast. I don’t play much anymore.
Dorothy: Why not?
Kevin: It doesn’t get cold enough in California! Besides, there are so many things you can do in the Bay Area!
Dorothy: That is very true!


Go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Read the word/expression and definition out loud, and your tutor will go over anything you do not understand. Practice creating a sentence or two to make sure you know how to use the word/expression properly.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition Example
hobby an activity that a person does for pleasure when not working My hobby is stamp collecting.
spend time + (~ing) to do an activity I usually spend time watching television.
leisure time free time, spare time In my leisure time, I go swimming at the lake.
what kind of… asking about the different types of something What kind of music do you listen to?
enjoy + (~ing) like to do I enjoy shopping.
be into to really enjoy/be interested in My friend is really into traveling.
do (verb) the verb ‘do’ is used to emphasize I told you, I did clean up my room!
used to (verb) something that existed or repeatedly happened in the past but does not exist or happen now My grandmother said winters used to be harder here.
besides in addition to what has been said Don’t worry about it. Besides, no one will notice it’s missing anyway.
the Bay Area a region in Northern California including San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland along with smaller urban and rural areas I moved to the Bay Area for work.


Practice answering the following questions with your tutors. You can use the sample answers to come up with your own answer.

  1. Do you have any hobbies?
    1. I’m really into baseball these days.
    2. I enjoy watching sports.
    3. Your answer:_______________________________
  2. How often do you spend time (your hobby)?
    1. I only ski during the winter break.
    2. I go fishing every weekend.
    3. Your answer:_______________________________
  3. What do you like about your hobby?
    1. Scuba diving is fun because you can experience a completely different world.
    2. Watching movies is relaxing.
    3. Your answer:_______________________________
  4. Do you feel like you have enough free time?
    1. I feel like I have enough time to do what I want to do.
    2. I wish I had more free time.
    3. Your answer:_______________________________
  5. Is there a hobby that you want to start, but don’t have enough time or money for?
    1. I want to learn to code but I don’t have enough time.
    2. I want to do more horseback-riding, but it’s very expensive.
    3. Your answer:_______________________________


Use the following questions as a guideline to form an interesting conversation with your tutor. Feel free to diverge from these suggestions if anything interesting comes up.

  1. What is a popular hobby in your country?
  2. Do you think having a hobby is good?
  3. Do men and women have different hobbies?
  4. How much money do you spend on your hobby?
  5. Can you make money from a hobby?


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.


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