Test Prep

TOEIC Speaking

TOEIC Lesson 1: Advertising

TOEIC Lesson 2: Woman in Clothing Store

TOEIC Lesson 3: Exercise

TOEIC Lesson 4: Art Museum

TOEIC Lesson 5: Job Interview

TOEIC Lesson 6: Movie Review

TOEIC Lesson 7: Magazine

TOEIC Lesson 8: Woman Riding a Motorcycle

TOEIC Lesson 9: Mobile Phone

TOEIC Lesson 10: Exhibition

TOEIC Lesson 11: Flight Ticket

TOEIC Lesson 12: Mobile Phone Safety

TOEIC Lesson 13: Hotel

TOEIC Lesson 14: Business Meeting

TOEIC Lesson 15: Vacation

TOEIC Lesson 16: Airlines

TOEIC Lesson 17: Online Bookstore

TOEIC Lesson 18: Buying a House

TOEIC Lesson 19: A World’s Fair

TOEIC Lesson 20: Boy Feeding Pigeons

TOEIC Lesson 21: Computers

TOEIC Lesson 22: Seminar

TOEIC Lesson 23: Furniture Store

TOEIC Lesson 24: Tourist Attraction


TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL Q1: Good Friend

TOEFL Q2: Household Chores

TOEFL Q3: Library Reducing Book Collection

TOEFL Q4: Sampling Bias

TOEFL Q5: Paper vs. Work

TOEFL Q6: Plant Biology

TOEFL Q7: Spending Money

TOEFL Q8: Newspapers vs TV

TOEFL Q9: Housing Policy Change

TOEFL Q10: Promotions

TOEFL Q11: A Club Meeting

TOEFL Q12: Animal Science

TOEFL Q13: Favorite Personal Possession

TOEFL Q14: Notes vs Lectures

TOEFL Q15: Laptop Loaning Service

TOEFL Q16: Teaching Rules

TOEFL Q17: Getting a Job

TOEFL Q18: The American Industrial Revolution

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