TOEIC lesson 8: Woman Riding a Motorcycle


In this lesson, your tutor will help you go over a type-2 question from TOEIC speaking test. Describe the photo in your own words; you have 60 seconds to answer.

Test Question

Directions: In this part of the test, you will describe the picture on your screen with as much detail as you can. You will have 30 seconds to prepare your response. Then you will have 45 seconds to speak about the picture.

Question 3



How did you do? Use the following pointers as a guideline to refine your answer.

  1. What is the theme of the picture?
  2. Organize the photo into 3 parts:
    • Describe the person’s main action
    • Describe the objects in the picture
    • Describe what you see in the background
  3. Think of expressions and vocabulary that describe person, objects, and background
    • Two women riding on a motorcycle
    • The motorcycle is silver and shiny
    • It’s a two-wheeled motorcycle
    • A lot of people watching them
    • The clothes the women are wearing
    • They are both wearing jeans
    • They seem like they’re in their 30s
    • It seems like it’s warm or hot weather
    • There is another motorcycle in the background
    • They may be racing one another
    • They are not wearing any helmet or safety gear
    • They look dangerous riding without a helmet
  4. Combine the expressions above to describe the picture in your own words.

Sample Answer

Reading great sample answers is one way to improve. Go over the sample answer with your tutor. Ask questions if you have any.

Sample Answer

I think this is a picture of two women riding a silver motorcycle. The one sitting on the front seat of the motorcycle is wearing a navy short-sleeved T-shirt, blue jeans, bracelets, a black necklace, and sunglasses. She is holding the motorcycle with both of her hands. The one sitting on the rear seat of the motorcycle is wearing a white sleeveless tank top and blue jeans. She is holding on to the woman in the front seat. They are both not wearing any helmets, which is dangerous. In the background of this picture, I can see a group of people watching them on the sidewalk. Judging by the clothes the two women are wearing and by the green leaves on the tree in the background, it seems to be a hot summer day.

Further Study

Got more time? Here is a list of common vocab words related to the text you studied today. Go over each one with your tutor.

Additional Expressions

bystander (n) viewer, passerby
e.g. Two innocent bystanders were injured in the shooting.
spectator (n) observer
e.g. The spectators lining the road cheered the racers on.
freewheeling (adj) independent, free
e.g. She led a freewheeling life in the city.
vehicle (n) a means of transport
e.g. They saw cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
motorist (n) vehicle driver
e.g. He was an uninsured motorist.
cruise (v) to travel in a moderate speed
e.g. On Friday nights, teenagers cruise the main street in town to show off their cars.
drift (v) to wander aimlessly
e.g. The party guests drifted from room to room, eating and mingling.
handgrip (n) handle bar
e.g. Hold onto the handgrip!
dashboard (n) front display panel
e.g. Dont put your feet up on the dashboard. 
rim (n) the outer circle of a wheel
e.g. He bought stainless steel rims for his new car.

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