Just Starting

Lesson 1: Introduce 

Lesson 2: Where are you from?

Lesson 3: Vegetables

Lesson 4: Fruits

Lesson 5: How much does it cost?

Lesson 6: Colors

Lesson 7: How People Feel

Lesson 8: Feeling Sick

Lesson 9: Using Numbers

Lesson 10: Family

Lesson 11: Frequency

Lesson 12: How to Ask Questions

Lesson 13: Clothes

Lesson 14: Days of the Week

Lesson 15: Months of the Year

Lesson 16: Looks

Lesson 17: Telling the Time

Lesson 18: Seasons of the Year

Lesson 19: Daily Routines

Lesson 20: Animals

Lesson 21: The Past

Lesson 22: Free Time Activities

Lesson 23: Parts of the Body

Lesson 24: Office Supplies

Lesson 25: Places and Buildings

Lesson 26: Personal Items

Lesson 27: Feelings

Lesson 28: See, Look, Watch, Hear, and Listen

Lesson 29: Types of Transportation

Lesson 30: Jobs 


Lesson 1: Introduce 

Lesson 2: Saying Hello

Lesson 3: Your Family

Lesson 4: Your Hometown

Lesson 5: Planning for Weekend

Lesson 6: Friends

Lesson 7: Hobbies

Lesson 8: Working Late

Lesson 9: Extended Family

Lesson 10: My Last Vacation

Lesson 11: Weather in San Francisco

Lesson 12: Dining Out

Lesson 13: Favorite Movies

Lesson 14: Favorite Restaurant

Lesson 15: High School

Lesson 16: Childhood

Lesson 17: Jobs

Lesson 18: Expressing Likes and Dislikes

Lesson 19: Different Cultures

Lesson 20: Joining the Gym

Lesson 21: Saying Thank You

Lesson 22: Saying Sorry

Lesson 23: Expressing Concern

Lesson 24: Expressing Excitement

Lesson 25: Being Surprised

Lesson 26: Recommend Something

Lesson 27: Asking for Advice

Lesson 28: Making Excuses

Lesson 29: The Past

Lesson 30: Asking for Help

Lesson 31: Your First Job

Lesson 32: Your First Date

Lesson 33: Going on a Road Trip

Lesson 34: The Most Memorable Person in Your Life

Lesson 35: Living Abroad

Lesson 36: Earthquakes

Lesson 37: Checking in at the Airport

Lesson 38: Sleep

Lesson 39: Cooking Instructions

Lesson 40: Photography

Lesson 41: Renting an Apartment

Lesson 42: Rumors

Lesson 43: Traffic Accidents

Lesson 44: Fire Safety

Lesson 45: Meeting New People

Lesson 46: Gardening

Lesson 47: Bad Habits

Lesson 48: Protecting the Environment

Lesson 49: Going to the Beach

Lesson 50: Reading Books

Lesson 51: Let’s Go Shopping!

Lesson 52: Going to a Casino

Lesson 53: Talk About Your Health

Lesson 54: Preparing to Go Hiking

Lesson 55: Around the Neighborhood


Lesson 1: General Business English

Lesson 2: Health Problems

Lesson 3: The Weather

Lesson 4: At the Coffee Shop

Lesson 5: The Difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain

Lesson 6: Personality Types

Lesson 7: Did you know adjectives can end in -ed and -ing?

Lesson 8: Opinions

Lesson 9: Using Modal Verbs

Lesson 10: Money Idioms

Lesson 11: The Job Interview in English

Lesson 12: Suffixes

Lesson 13: Prefixes

Lesson 14: How to Learn and Use Phrasal Verbs

Lesson 15: Countable or Uncountable

Lesson 16: Cheating

Lesson 17: Manners and Etiquette

Lesson 18: The Wh-ever Words and However

Lesson 19: Present Perfect

Lesson 20: Present Perfect Continuous


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