Topic: Fears



In this lesson, your tutor will help you go over this topic: fears. First, go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Read the word/expression and definition out loud, and your tutor will go over anything you do not understand. Practice creating a sentence or two to make sure you know how to use the word/expression properly.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

phobia (n) an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something
I have a phobia of doctors.
heights (n – plural) the distance above the ground or surface
Some people have a fear of heights or tall buildings.
spiders (n – plural)
When I see spiders, I scream!
needle (n) a very thin metal tube pushed through the skin to put a drug or medicine in the body
The doctor gave me a shot with a needle for my sickness.
scary (adj) something that causes fear

My brother likes to watch scary movies

flying (n) travel by air
She hates flying in a plane.
darkness (n) very little or no light
The darkness of nighttime helps me sleep.
nightmares (n – plural) a scary or bad dream
My brother usually has nightmares about monsters.
overcome (v) to successfully gain control or deal with a problem
She needs to overcome her fear of flying.
cope (v) to deal with and to attempt to overcome a problem or situation
You need to learn how to cope with your fear of heights.


Use the following questions as a guideline to form an interesting conversation with your tutor. Feel free to diverge from these suggestions if anything interesting comes up.

  1. Which fears or phobias do you have?
  2. How can people overcome their fears?
  3. How would you help someone cope with their fears?
  4. Why do people have fears?
  5. Are you afraid of speaking English? Why or why not?
  6. Should children be allowed to watch scary movies? Why or why not?
  7. When you were a child, which fears did you have?
  8. Have you ever had a nightmare? If yes, tell me about it.
  9. Do you like scary movies? Why or why not?
  10. Are you afraid of death? Why or why not?


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.


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