Lesson 6: Personality Types

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Practice by reading the dialogue with your tutor. After you are done, switch roles and do it again!

  • Kevin: I’m tired of people being arrogant! I was on the bus the other day and this man talked about how much better he was than the rest of his colleagues.
  • Dorothy: I know what you mean. I work with one of the most tedious people in the world.
  • Kevin: Let’s be more positive! Who is brainier: you or your sister?
  • Dorothy: Well, not to be arrogant, but I would have to say me. However, my sister is the humblest person in the world.




Using comparatives and superlatives.

Read the diagram below out loud with your tutor. Then practice making sentences with some of the words listed.

Screenshot 2017-01-05 15.35.48.png

Note: Comparatives compare 2 items. Superlatives compare more than 2 items.




Irregular Forms

Here are some common irregular comparatives and superlatives. Practice making sentences with some of the words listed.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
good better the best
bad worse the worst
far further / farther the furthest / farthest
little less the least
many/much more the most
old older / elder the oldest / the eldest




Go over the vocabulary and expressions below with your tutor. Then practice using each word in a sentence.

characteristic (n) 📘
trait (n) 📘
clever (adj) 📘
brainy (adj) 📘
arrogant (adj) 📘
deceitful (adj) 📘
introverted (adj) 📘
extroverted (adj) 📘
know-it-all (n) 📘
comical (adj) 📘
diligent (adj) 📘
tedious (adj) 📘
humble (adj) 📘
withdrawn (adj) 📘
grumpy (adj) 📘






Make a sentence using the word to describe someone.

  • tedious  Sometimes my best friend can be tedious, especially when he gets up in the morning.
  • know-it-all ________________________________________________.
  • comical __________________________________________________.
  • clever ____________________________________________________.
  • diligent ___________________________________________________.




Using the personality traits in the vocabulary table above, describe and compare the personality traits of the two people. Use the comparative form.

  • mother and father

My mother is more introverted than my father.

  • two of your cousins


  • an aunt and an uncle


  • a thief and a good person


  • two of your fellow students, colleagues, or friends





Fill in the blank with the correct superlative form of the adjective.

  • She is most withdrawn when she is talking with total strangers. (withdrawn)
  • The other day I met the (1) _______________ teacher in the world, because he was not friendly in the least bit. (grumpy)
  • My sister’s cat is the (2) _______________ cat I know. (clever)
  • If you had to pick the (3) _________________ co-worker, who would it be? (diligent)
  • My boss is the biggest know-it-all in the office. Furthermore, he is the (4) ____________________ person in the company. (arrogant)





Write a sentence using the adjective in the comparative and superlative.

  • deceitful

comparative: Politicians can be more deceitful than thieves.

superlative: Politicians are the most deceitful people with power.

  • comical

comparative: _____________________________________________.

superlative: ______________________________________________.

  • humble

comparative: _____________________________________________.

superlative: ______________________________________________.

  • brainy

comparative: _____________________________________________.

superlative: ______________________________________________.

  • extroverted

comparative: _____________________________________________.

superlative: ______________________________________________.



Discussion Questions

  1. Who is the cleverest person you know? What makes him/her cleverer than most people?
  2. Who is the most extroverted member of your family? Describe how he/she behaves.
  3. Do you have any friends who are know-it-alls? Describe how those people make you feel.
  4. What is the most tedious task you’ve done this week? What makes it so tedious?



(Source: 1.http://www.grammar.cl/Games/Comparatives_Superlatives.htm, 2. http://ubdavid.org/kids-world/lets-talk-about/graphics/careless15.jpg)


Answer Key:

(1) grumpiest

(2) cleverest

(3) most diligent

(4) most arrogant

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