Lesson 7: Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

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Practice by reading the dialogue with your tutor. After you are done, switch roles and do it again!

  • Kevin: The movie we saw last night was boring. I almost fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes.
  • Dorothy: I’m sorry. I was worried that you were not going to like it.
  • Kevin: It’s ok. Next time, let’s decide together which movie to watch.
  • Dorothy: Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the choices, and I pick a bad movie.




Using adjectives that end in -ed and -ing.

Read the diagram below out loud with your tutor. Can you come up with some example sentences of each?

Screenshot 2017-01-05 16.12.53.png




Go over the vocabulary and expressions below with your tutor. Then practice making sentences with each word.

disgusted 📘 disgusting 📘
shocked 📘 shocking 📘
soothed 📘 soothing 📘
worried 📘 worrying 📘
overwhelmed 📘 overwhelming 📘
insulted 📘 insulting 📘
confused 📘 confusing 📘
inspired 📘 inspiring 📘
bored 📘 boring 📘
embarrassed 📘 embarrassing 📘

Practice: Tell your tutor about a time you felt embarrassed.





Make a sentence using the -ed or -ing adjective.

  • embarrassed  The student was embarrassed because he was the only one who forgot to do his homework.
  • disgusted  ________________________________________________.
  • inspiring __________________________________________________.
  • confused _________________________________________________.
  • shocking _________________________________________________.




Fill in the blank with the correct word ending in -ing or -ed.

  • shock
    • It’s shocking to hear that the world is full of corruption.
  • inspire
    • He is (1) _______________ by his brother’s success in life.
  • soothe
    • The soft tranquil music is (2) ______________ to my ears.
  • confuse
    • His daughter said she was totally (3) ______________ about questions  at the job interview.
  • disgust
    • A lot of the streets in big cities are (4) ______________ because people don’t know how to use the trash bins.



Using the vocabulary list above, fill in the blank with the correct “ed” or “ing” word.

  • The TV program about psychology was so boring, I switched channels.
  • I’m (5) ________________ with too much homework and tests to study for.
  • The lady was (6) ________________ by the foul language used by the man talking to her.
  • The increase in violent crimes is (7) _________________.
  • Relationships can be (8) _________________ because sometimes people don’t communicate well.




Is the word ending in “ed” or “ing” an adjective or verb?

  • Am I boring you with my opinion about politics?  verb
  • She shocked everyone with the news about her pregnancy.  (9) _______
  • The mall is overwhelming on Saturdays because too many people are shopping. (10) _______
  • All of us are inspired by her countless acts of kindness. (11) _______
  • I’m embarrassing myself right now with my foolishness. (12) _______



Discussion Questions

  • Tell your tutor about a time you felt overwhelmed. What happened?
  • Tell your tutor about a time you felt insulted. What happened?
  • Who is the most inspiring person in your life? Why?
  • What is more worrying to you: family troubles or political troubles?




(Source: 1. https://vemqueteexplico.blogspot.com/2013/02/adjetivos-terminados-em-ed-e-ing.html, 2. http://www.grammar.cl/Notes/Adjectives_ED_ING.htm, 3. http://lanouvelleboheme.com/most-embarrassing-language-mistakes/, 4. https://englishhelponline.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/embarrassed.jpg)


Answer Key:

(1) inspired

(2) soothing

(3) worried

(4) disgusting

(5) overwhelmed

(6) shocked / disgusted

(7) worrying/shocking

(8) confusing

(9) verb

(10) adjective

(11) adjective

(12) verb

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