1-36. I had trouble finding this place


Repeat after the tutor. 

  • I had trouble finding my car key.
  • I had trouble understanding this formula.
  • He had trouble moving his arms.
  • I am having trouble driving this Ferrari.
  • I am having trouble reading this map.
  • She is having trouble leading us.
  • We are having trouble fixing his BMW.
  • Did you have trouble finding this apartment?
  • Did she have trouble learning Korean?
  • Are you having trouble moving this sofa?
  • I had trouble sleeping.
  • I had trouble writing his sentence.
  • I had trouble learning Spanish.
  • I had trouble eating Indian food.
  • I had trouble communicating with him.


Here are some grammar tips. 


Go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Use the illustration above if needed.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
communicate (v) to give information about (something) to someone by speaking, writing, moving your hands, etc.
e.g. I’m having trouble communicating to you. 
breathe (v) to move air into and out of your lungs : to inhale and exhale
e.g. I had trouble breathing last night. 
invest (v) to use money to earn more money : to use your money to purchase stock in a company, to buy property, etc., in order to make future profit
e.g. Are you having trouble investing into your home? 
translate (v) to change words from one language into another language
e.g. She was having trouble trying to translate her French homework.
succeed (v) to do what you are trying to do : to achieve the correct or desired result
e.g. You can succeed where others failed.
turn on (idiom) start the energy, switch on
e.g. It’s too dark in here, I had trouble trying to find the light to turn on.
pick something out (idiom) choose
e.g. I had three sweaters picked out but I’m having trouble deciding on which one to wear.
put up with (idiom) tolerate
e.g. I’m having trouble putting up with my children when they are being loud. 
set somebody up (idiom) trick, trap
e.g. The police set up the car thief by using a hidden camera.
show off (idiom) act extra special for people watching (usually boastfully)
e.g. He always has trouble when trying to show off on his skateboard.


Go over the following exercise with your tutors. 

  1. Make a sentence.
    1.  sentence / have / this / trouble / I / writing / .
    2. I / with / trouble / had / him / communicating / .  
    3. my / phone / trouble / using / a / smart / grandfather / had / .
    4. translating / trouble / is / she / this / sentence / having / .
    5. this / have / did / trouble / you / finding / building / ?
  2. Correct the following sentences. 
    1. I had trouble sleep
    2. She had trouble found a job.
    3. They had troubles working with James.
    4. Do you had trouble fixing my laptop?
    5. Are you having trouble turn on this computer?
  3. Answer the following questions.
    1. Your computer doesn’t seem to work. What do you say? (use “have trouble V-ing”)
    2. Your neighbor is not listening to you. What do you say? (use “have trouble V-ing”)
    3. You can’t find your friends. What do you say? (use “have trouble V-ing”)
  4. (Homework) Write a paragraph.
    1. Write 10 sentences using the grammar you learned today.
    2. “When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.
    3. What would happen if everyone lived in space? What type of houses would they live in? What type of clothing would they wear? What type of food would they eat? How would they travel?


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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