Qualities of a Good Kid


After a quick greeting, use the following questions as a guideline to form an interesting conversation with your tutor. Feel free to diverge from these suggestions if anything interesting comes up.

  • What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
    • What qualities do you wish someone close to you showed you?
    • What are some qualities you would want your son or daughter to avoid?
    • How can these qualities be learned or taken on?


Skip this section if you have 15 minute plan. Read the word/expression and definition out loud, and your tutor will go over anything you do not understand. Practice creating a sentence or two to make sure you know how to use the word/expression properly.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
kindness (n) the quality or state of being kind
She shared her lunch out of the kindness of her heart.
characteristic (n) a special quality or trait that makes a person, thing or group different from others
What are some characteristics that tell what kind of person she is?
helpful (adj) making it easier to do a job or deal with a problem
He was so helpful when he carried in the groceries for his mom.
generous (adj) freely giving or sharing money and other valuable things
The teenager was generous in donating a percentage of her paycheck to charity.
apologize (v) to express regret for doing or saying something wrong
After the boy broke the plate, he apologized for not behaving.
contribute (v) to give something to help a person, group or cause
He volunteered to contribute to the stack of donated books.
pick up (phrasal verb) to lift something from the ground
She asked her child to pick up her toys first.
clean up (phrasal verb) to remove, to make a room or space clean and orderly
She offered to clean up after dinner, without being asked.
give back (phrasal verb) to cause someone to have something again: to return or restore something to someone
She wanted to give back the money they were missing.
sweet as pie (expression) extremely pleasant or polite
The girl who picked up the trash was sweet as pie.

Something Extra

Read the following quote out loud.

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”

― W.E.B. DuBois


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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