Topic: Driving a Car



In this lesson, your tutor will help you go over this topic: driving a car. First, go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Read the word/expression and definition out loud, and your tutor will go over anything you do not understand. Practice creating a sentence or two to make sure you know how to use the word/expression properly.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

seat belt (n) a strap that holds a person in the seat if there’s an accident
People should always wear their seat belt.
passenger (n) the other people in a vehicle who are not driving or operating it
I prefer to be the driver and not a passenger in a car.
lane (n) the area of the road you drive in
In the USA we drive in the right lane.
speed limit (n) the maximum allowed speed when driving
The speed limit is 120 km/h.
traffic jam (n) a long line of cars and vehicles on a road that stopped moving or moving slowly
There’s always a traffic jam when I drive to work in the morning.
stop sign (n) a sign at an intersection where the driver has to stop before going
Sometimes drivers don’t stop at a stop sign.
traffic light (n) the overhead light at an intersection that has 3 colors: red, green, and yellow
When a traffic light turns red, drivers need to stop.
intersection (n) a place where streets meet or cross
She lives near the intersection of Main and 5th Street.
crosswalk (n) a marked path where people can cross a road safely sometimes
There are many people walking in the crosswalk.
fender bender (idiom) when 2 vehicles have a minor accident; not a lot of damage to the cars
He caused a fender bender while driving to work.


Use the following questions as a guideline to form an interesting conversation with your tutor. Feel free to diverge from these suggestions if anything interesting comes up.

  1. Do you like to drive? Why or why not?
  2. What do you do when you are stuck in a traffic jam?
  3. Have you ever been in a fender bender or accident? If yes, tell me about it.
  4. Do people drive well in your country? Why or why not?
  5. Do you stop for people when they are going to use the crosswalk? Why or why not?
  6. Which do you prefer, public transportation or driving? Why?
  7. Do you like driving at night? Why or why not?
  8. Tell me some reasons why drivers honk their horn.
  9. Do you like to be a passenger in a car? Why or why not?
  10. Do you always wear your seat belt? Why or why not?


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.


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