2-33. You’d better call me every 5 minutes


Repeat after the tutor. 

  • You’d better exercise every day.
  • We’d better learn English now.
  • She’d better prepare her presentation.
  • They’d better pay more money.
  • This test had better be easy.
  • You’d better not laugh in the church.
  • He’d better not cheat on the test.
  • They’d better not call the police.
  • I’d better not make a mistake.
  • We’d better not be late.
  • You’d better leave.
  • You’d better give up.
  • You’d better study English.
  • He’d better run away.
  • She’d better call me now.


Here are some grammar tips. 


Go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Use the illustration above if needed.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
apologize (v) to express regret for doing or saying something wrong : to give or make an apology
e.g. He apologized to his wife and children for losing his temper.
Cast about for (phrasal verb) to look in many places for (something)
e.g. They cast about for new ways to make money on the farm.
Cast aside (phrasal verb) to stop thinking about (something)
e.g. She tried to cast aside her worries and enjoy the party.
Cast adrift (phrasal verb) to cause (a boat) to float on the water without being tied to anything or controlled by anyone
e.g. a small lifeboat cast adrift in the open sea
Cast away (phrasal verb) to leave (someone) alone somewhere (such as on an island) as a result of a storm, shipwreck, etc.
e.g. The crew was cast away on a desert island.
Cast off (phrasal verb) to get rid of (something)
e.g. They wanted to cast off their fears.
Cast on (phrasal verb) to place stitches on a knitting needle
e.g. I was having trouble casting on, but I think I have it now.
Cast out (phrasal verb) to force (someone or something) to go away
e.g. exHe was cast out of [=expelled from] the tribe.ample
Cast 1 (n) the actors in a play, film, or television show
e.g. members of the cast = cast members
Cast 2 (n) a hard covering that is put on an arm, leg, etc., so that a broken bone can heal
e.g. She has a cast on her arm.


Go over the following exercise with your tutors. 

  1. Make a sentence.
    1. give / you’d / up / better / .
    2. study / you’d / English / better / .
    3. a / find / better / we’d / job / .
    4. better / you’d / me / hire / .
    5. forget / better / our / not / you’d / anniversary / . 
  2. Correct the following sentences. 
    1. They’d better work hardly.
    2. You’d better not be cry.
    3. He’d better not calls me again.
    4. She’d better not touching me.
    5. You’d better not stole my ring.
  3. Answer the following questions.
    1. question1
    2. question2
    3. question3
  4. (Homework) Write a paragraph.
    1. Write 10 sentences using the grammar you learned today.
    2. Undo: If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.
    3. Seconds: Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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