Cambly Study Tutor Tips


What is Cambly Study?

It’s a Cambly lesson in a group format for students who feel shy or who want to study English with their friends. We are offering free trials for students to experience what it’s like, and hopefully in April it will turn into a regular classes. Here are some tips for tutors to lead a group of Korean students:

  • In the beginning, ask for each of the students’ name. Ask them to give a short introduction of themselves. If you don’t get their names, ask them to type it.
  • Speak slowly than you normally would. Their English proficiency level varies, and it’s better to cater to the less fluent one.
  • Type as many comments as possible as they will see it as 1) a subtitle at the moment as well as 2) in the chat history. The students will have 30 minutes after the call to go over the video with the chat history to review the session as part of the Cambly Study program. Recommended situations to give comments:
    • When they don’t understand what you are saying
    • When a vocabulary or expression comes up that seems new to them:
      • Type the vocabulary/expression, and also an example sentence. They find this very useful!
    • When someone made a mistake (either grammatical or wrong use of expression)
  • Tips for WARM-UP:
    • When going over vocabulary/expression, ask each student to read the word/expression and definition, then explain the meaning in their own words.
    • Also ask another student to make a sentence using that word/expression.
    • Call out one student to answer a question. eg. “Bell, why don’t you answer number one. Do you like to swim?” Korean students do not like to volunteer to answer first, and calling out one student to answer your question will make students speak up more.
    • Ask questions that require long answers. eg. Describe your first trip abroad. Why did you like it? 
    • The fellow students are also resource. If one student is struggling, ask other students to help out.

This is a work-in-progress, and we’re very excited about this new study format! Please let us know if you have any feedback on the session. We’re more than happy to assist in any way we can 🙂 Happy studying!

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