Beginner Grammar, Part 2 (마유영어 입영작)

  1. You look happy
  2. You’re not really cute
  3. It’s made by our company
  4. I’m better than you
  5. You are the worst
  6. My name is the same as yours
  7. She is as pretty as me
  8. I eat as much as you do
  9. You are smart enough
  10. English is so easy that Anyone can master it
  11. It’s too cold to wear a skirt
  12. Keep your eyes closed
  13. Leave me alone
  14. Let me borrow your money
  15. I heard you sing
  16. You make me smile
  17. Make sure you wake me up at 7
  18. Can you help me move this box?
  19. Help me with this
  20. You must come back
  21. I have to go to school now
  22. You don’t have to be shy
  23. You should try my pasta
  24. Anyone can do it
  25. I was not able to pass the interview
  26. You can try it on
  27. It can’t be true
  28. It must be a fake Chanel bag
  29. You must have loved him
  30. You might like him
  31. She might have lost my number
  32. Master Eugene might be able to help you
  33. You’d better call me every 5 minutes
  34. You might as well buy two
  35. I got my hair cut
  36. The more you eat, the fatter you will get
  37. You are not supposed to touch this button
  38. Was I supposed to wake the CEO up?
  39. Who am I supposed to see?
  40. I wish I were a princess
  41. I wish you had seen her
  42. You should’ve kissed her
  43. If you were my friend, I would be happy
  44. If you had called me, I could’ve picked you up

Grammar – Speaking

Rules: Each question has to be answered with at least three sentences (3) or more sentences. Sentences have to have the main parts which are S – Subject, V – Verb and O – Object


  1. What is your favorite place to visit on weekends? Describe it and explain why it is your favorite place to go.
  2. What is your happiest childhood memory? Describe it and give reasons to explain why it is your happiest memory.
  3. Talk about a person in your life who has inspired you. Describe the person and explain why you found him/her inspirational.
  4. Talk about an important national holiday in your home country. Describe it and explain why it is important.
  5. What is your favorite book or movie? Describe it and say why it is your favorite.
  6. Talk about an experience in your life that made you feel embarrassed. Describe it and say why it was embarrassing.
  7. Who is an important person in your country? Describe this person and explain why he/she is important.
  8. Talk about an interesting tourist attraction you have been to. Describe it and say why it was interesting.
  9. Talk about a time when you experienced success. Describe the experience and say why it was a success for you.
  10. Think of a place that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Describe it and explain why it is relaxing and peaceful for you.
  11. Talk about a difficulty you have overcome in your life. Describe the experience and say why it was difficult to overcome.
  12. Talk about a teacher who had a positive influence on you. Describe this person and explain why he/she was so influential to you.
  13. Talk about a positive experience with learning or using English. Describe the experience and say why it was a positive one.
  14. Where would you most like to live? Describe this place and explain why you would like to live there.
  15. What custom from your home country are you most fond of? Describe the custom and explain why you are fond of it.


Grammar – Prepositions

Complete the exercise according to the picture.


  1. _________ the picture, I can see a woman.

A) On

B) In

C) At


2. The woman is sitting _______ the table.

A) at

B) in front of

C) in


3. She is sitting __________ a chair.

A) at

B) in

C) on


4. There is another chair ___________ the woman.

A) across

B) beside

C) opposite


5. The woman is holding a cup _________ her hands.

A) at

B) in

C) into


6. _________ the table are a laptop, a paper, a calculator, an appointment calendar, two pens and a muffin.

A) above

B) at

C) on


7. The woman is looking ________ her laptop.

A) at

B) on

C) to


8. The woman’s bag is __________ the table.

A) between

B) behind

C) under



Complete the exercise according to the picture.

 alma 2


9. ___________ the picture, there are four people.

A) At

B) In

C) On


10. A couple is sitting ______ the table.

A) at

B) on

C) under


11. They are sitting_______ chairs.

A) at

B) on

C) under


12. The drinks are __________ the table.

A) at

B) on

C) under


13. One woman is standing ________ the table.

A) behind

B) in front of

C) on


14. _________ her is a man who is barbecuing.

A) behind

B) between

C) in front of them




Fill in the gaps by choosing the correct preposition


15. We live ________ London.

A) at

B) in

C) on


16. Would you like to go ______ the cinema tonight?

A) at

B) in

C) to


17. No, thanks, I was __________ the cinema yesterday.

A) at

B) into

C) to


18. We are going ________ holiday next week.

A) in

B) on

C) to


19. There is a bridge ____________ the river.

A) across

B) outside

C) along


20. The flight from Leipzig to London was ________ Frankfurt.

A) about

B) along

C) via


21. ___________ my wall, there are many pictures.

A) At

B) On

C) Onto


22. Who is the person ___________ this picture?

A) at

B) in

C) on


23. Come ____________ the sitting room, we want to watch TV.

A) at

B) in

C) into


24. Munich lies 530 meters ___________ sea level.

A) above

B) across

C) past

Grammar – Pronouns, Numerals


Please fill in the gaps by choosing the correct word listed below


  1. The new bank in my city and another corporation announced __________ would organize a charity.

A) it

B) they

C) its

D) their


2. The blue house at the end of the street is __________

A) I

B) my

C) me

D) mine


3. Our dean reported that ____________will soon be retiring

A) he

B) his

C) him

D) himself


4. My mother established a small business all by__________A) she

B) her

C) hers

D) herself


5. The two firms merged last month, but they have not decided how to treat __________ employees.

A) they

B) their

C) them

D) themselves


6. My professor asked ____________ to finally hand in my essay

A) I

B) my

C) me

D) mine


7. Last year, when we visited France, we found ___________ old co-worker

A) ourselves

B) our

C) ours

D) us


8. The information we needed was collected by our staff members, but one of them sold __________ to our competitors

A) it

B) they

C) he

D) she


9. The money we have gotten from the charity was lost, but we managed to find __________.

A) they

B) it

C) their

D) its


10. The implementation of the new project __________ went really well, but after the implementation, many people gave up on the purpose of the project.

A) by itself

B) by themselves

C) themselves

D) itself


11. __________ of the employees registered for the upcoming seminar about management and supervision.

A) Almost

B) Some

C) Any

D) Every


12. I have run a __________ errands this morning, while my children were at school

A) many

B) much

C) few

D) every


13. __________ chefs on the list were not hired for the reception.

A) Another

B) Other

C) The other

D) One another


14. We definitely need __________ cup of coffee to wake up

A) another

B) some

C) other

D) any



15. Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Buchanan have known __________ since they were high school students.

A) each one

B) each other

C) everyone

D) some other


16. The train goes to Warwick station __________ 2 hours

A) any

B) other

C) every

D) some


17. Even though I haven’t tried __________ products, I have to say, I didn’t like them too much

A) any

B) some

C) either

D) all the


18. He left a note on __________ table in the classroom

A) some

B) other

C) all

D) every


19. This computer has many effective functions, but I want a much more user-friendly __________.

A) one

B) each

C) another

D) the other

Grammar – Conjunctions, Relative Pronouns, Parts of Speech

Please fill in the gaps with the correct word listed below


  1. He was the most competent _________ in our classroom.

A) Study

B) Studies

C) Student

D) Student’s


2. The visitors _______ praised the amazing paintings in the gallery.

A) greatness

B) great

C) greatly

D) greater


3. The lawyer didn’t want to ______on the case that he was representing in the court of law

A) commenting

B) commentary

C) comment

D) comments


4. Many of the ________ got the raise this month

A) workless

B) working

C) workers

D) worked


5. The product was —– developed for the pharmaceutical industry, but it has been used in various industries.

A) basement

B) basic

C) base

D) basically


6. My coworker _________ me how to get the promotion in the company

A) advise

B) advised

C) advisable

D) advising


7. The mobile phone company only used ___________ parts for their cell phones

A) originally

B) origin

C) original

D) originate


8. Drinking milk in the evening really is soothing, but it also makes us ____________

A) sleep

B) sleeping

C) sleeper

D) sleepy


9. The new CEO, which took over the company is very strict, but also very ___________

A) fairness

B) fair

C) fairly

D) fairest


10. We weren’t able to leave the office ____________ we still had a lot of work to do

A) nonetheless

B) until

C) because

D) if


11. Neither my sister __________ your brother made this mess in the kitchen

A) or

B) before

C) nor

D) since


12. Both Mr. Stanley _________ Mrs. Robinson had to pay for the ticket they got

A) for

B) either

C) and

D) even if


13. __________ we finish all our obligation, we cannot go home

A) if

B) when

C) unless

D) but


14. Our representatives will present the new strategies for next year ________ our CEO arrives.

A) because

B) before

C) if

D) until


15. Oracle Motors increased its sales dramatically this year _____ it brought out a new hybrid car.

A) unless

B) whereas

C) because

D) due to


16. We have to prepare a very convincing presentation; _______________ our project will fail.

A) otherwise

B) nevertheless

C) because

D) for


17. My colleague was calling me __________ I was calling him.

A) before

B) during

C) after

D) while


18. All the students __________ got their scholarships really have a huge responsibility now

A) who

B) whose

C) whom

D) which


19. The date ___________ was supposed to happen today, was canceled

A) it

B) that

C) whose

D) those


20. We have to buy some ingredients ___________ are healthy

A) who

B) it

C) which

D) when


21. My friend is dating a girl _________brother plays in a famous band

  1. A) who
  2. B) whose
  3. C) whom
  4. D) which


22. Mr. Lanyon’s son, —– is a novelist, will get married next month.

  1. A) which
  2. B) who
  3. C) whose
  4. D) whoever


23. They have the right to invite ___________ they want to their party

  1. A) whichever
  2. B) wherever
  3. C) whoever
  4. D) whenever



24. Every year on my birthday, my father always gives me —- I want.

  1. A) where
  2. B) when
  3. C) who
  4. D) what

Grammar: Tenses, Prepositions, Comparison


Please fill in the gaps with the correct word listed below


  1. Yesterday morning, he_____________ my colleague as the new manager in the staff meeting.

A) appointing

B) was appointed

C) appoints

D) appointed


  1. The draft of the contract_____________ by my new employer has been more than satisfying.

A) written

B) was written

C) write

D) writing


  1. We were_____________to stay away from the fire

A) asks

B) asking

C) asked

D) ask


  1. We had our house roof _____________

A) repair

B) to repair

C) repairing

D) repaired


  1. I visited my aunt _____________ Germany last year

A) in

B) to

C) at

D) for


  1. My sister’s birthday is _____________ October 2, and we are planning on a surprise party for her

A) for

B) on

C) in

D) with


  1. We should be done with our work _____________ the time he comes back

A) from

B) to

C) for

D) by


  1. This year’s company picnic was canceled due _____________ the sudden death of our president.

A) for

B) under

C) among

D) to


  1. Everyone attended the class of a well-known professor except_____________ him

A) on

B) under

C) for

D) along


  1. I have started exercising yesterday, and in a few months, all my hard work will pay_____________

A) out

B) off

C) in

D) with


  1. The lady_____________ white shoes, is buying some groceries.

A) on

B) for

C) out

D) in


  1. This bag looks like the most_____________ one

A) expensive

B) more expensive

C) expensivest

D) most expensive


  1. This book is _____________ than the other one

A) interesting

B) more interesting

C) most interesting

D) the most interesting


  1. The car we wanted to buy was not as _____________ as this one

A) good

B) better

C) the better

D) best


  1. Our president made the _____________ decision.

A) most brilliant

B) brilliantest

C) brilliant

D) as brilliant as



  1. The merger of Newton Bank and the Bank of California means they will become _____________ in the country.

A) big bank

B) bigger bank

C) the bigger bank

D) the biggest bank


  1. On Monday, Palmolive Co., Ltd announced that they _____________ one of their competitors.

A) acquire

B) acquires

C) acquired

D) had been acquired


  1. The sales figures _____________  dramatically since Mr. Robertson was hired.

A) have been increasing

B) had been increasing

C) will be increasing

D) is increasing


  1. Yesterday, Replay Co., Ltd and Adidas Corp _____________ to form the largest organization in the industry.

A) merge

B) would merge

C) has merged

D) had merged


  1. If I had money, I _____________ a house.

A) will buy

B) buy

C) would buy

D) bought

Cambly Study Tutor Tips


What is Cambly Study?

It’s a Cambly lesson in a group format for students who feel shy or who want to study English with their friends. We are offering free trials for students to experience what it’s like, and hopefully in April it will turn into a regular classes. Here are some tips for tutors to lead a group of Korean students:

  • In the beginning, ask for each of the students’ name. Ask them to give a short introduction of themselves. If you don’t get their names, ask them to type it.
  • Speak slowly than you normally would. Their English proficiency level varies, and it’s better to cater to the less fluent one.
  • Type as many comments as possible as they will see it as 1) a subtitle at the moment as well as 2) in the chat history. The students will have 30 minutes after the call to go over the video with the chat history to review the session as part of the Cambly Study program. Recommended situations to give comments:
    • When they don’t understand what you are saying
    • When a vocabulary or expression comes up that seems new to them:
      • Type the vocabulary/expression, and also an example sentence. They find this very useful!
    • When someone made a mistake (either grammatical or wrong use of expression)
  • Tips for WARM-UP:
    • When going over vocabulary/expression, ask each student to read the word/expression and definition, then explain the meaning in their own words.
    • Also ask another student to make a sentence using that word/expression.
    • Call out one student to answer a question. eg. “Bell, why don’t you answer number one. Do you like to swim?” Korean students do not like to volunteer to answer first, and calling out one student to answer your question will make students speak up more.
    • Ask questions that require long answers. eg. Describe your first trip abroad. Why did you like it? 
    • The fellow students are also resource. If one student is struggling, ask other students to help out.

This is a work-in-progress, and we’re very excited about this new study format! Please let us know if you have any feedback on the session. We’re more than happy to assist in any way we can 🙂 Happy studying!