3-8. I’ve learned a lot thanks to you


Repeat after the tutor. 

  • My son is walking again thanks to the medicine.
  • The singer is safe thanks to her bodyguards.
  • He’s living happily thanks to his wife.
  • We are breathing thanks to these trees.
  • I speak good English thanks to Cambly.
  • I passed thanks to your help.
  • She passed the interview thanks to tutor’s help.
  • My job has become easier thanks to this new software.
  • He has become a superstar thanks to his rapping skills.
  • I’ve learned many things thanks to you.
  • The plane didn’t crash thanks to the smart pilot.
  • The patient didn’t die thanks to the doctors.
  • We can live longer thanks to this new technology.
  • We could do it thanks to your love and support.
  • I could escape thanks to this special tool.


Here are some grammar tips. 


Go over the following vocabulary and expressions with your tutor. Use the illustration above if needed.

Vocabulary/ Expressions

Expression Definition
scroll down (phrasal verb) to move text or images of a Web page, document, etc. on a computer screen so that you can see all of it
You may need to scroll down to read all of the article.
work into (phrasal verb) to add or include something in something
She should work more vegetables into her diet.
compose (v) to add together to form or make something: to make yourself calm
Take a moment to compose yourself before answering the call.
brainstorm (v) to try to solve a problem by talking with other people: to discuss a problem and suggest solutions
The team needed to brainstorm ideas on how to solve the problem.
scribble (v) to write something quickly in a way that makes it difficult to read.
Since she was in a hurry, she scribbled down the list.
fiction (n) written stories about people and events that are not real: something that is not true
The author mainly writes fiction stories.
chronicle (n) a description of events in the order that they happened
The book described the chronicle of World War II.
record (n) an official document that gives proof of something or tells about past events: a performance or achievement that is the best of its kind
He had to look at the criminal’s record to know his history. (v) to write something down so that it can be used or seen again in the future
You should record any questions you may have.
memoir (n) a written account in which someone describes past experiences
The author’s new book is a memoir about her life in poverty
admire (v) to feel respect or approval for someone or something
I really admire your willingness to learn.


Go over the following exercise with your tutors. 

  1. Make a sentence.
    1. thanks / your / tickets / to / go / He / could / . 
    2. passed / He / help / your / to / thanks / .
    3. job / He / got / to / you / thanks / that / .
    4. your / learn / You / can / tutor / thanks / to / can / .
    5. won / game / We / the / him / thanks / to / .
  2. Correct the following sentences. 
    1. The team were safe thanks to your help.
    2. I was able to go thanks his tickets.
    3. She learned a lot because thanks to the lessons.
    4. You can go thanks her illness.
    5. He has became famous thanks to his acting skills.
  3. Answer the following questions.
    1. What is something that you’re thankful for?
    2. What is a reason why someone could go to school?
    3. Why could someone get a job they wanted? 
  4. (Homework) Write a paragraph.
    1. Write 10 sentences using the grammar you learned today.
    2. Share the love: Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.
    3. Third from the top: Head to your favorite blog. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into a new post of your own.


Go over any new expressions or vocabulary that you learned today.

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