Grammar – Conjunctions, Relative Pronouns, Parts of Speech

Please fill in the gaps with the correct word listed below


  1. He was the most competent _________ in our classroom.

A) Study

B) Studies

C) Student

D) Student’s


2. The visitors _______ praised the amazing paintings in the gallery.

A) greatness

B) great

C) greatly

D) greater


3. The lawyer didn’t want to ______on the case that he was representing in the court of law

A) commenting

B) commentary

C) comment

D) comments


4. Many of the ________ got the raise this month

A) workless

B) working

C) workers

D) worked


5. The product was —– developed for the pharmaceutical industry, but it has been used in various industries.

A) basement

B) basic

C) base

D) basically


6. My coworker _________ me how to get the promotion in the company

A) advise

B) advised

C) advisable

D) advising


7. The mobile phone company only used ___________ parts for their cell phones

A) originally

B) origin

C) original

D) originate


8. Drinking milk in the evening really is soothing, but it also makes us ____________

A) sleep

B) sleeping

C) sleeper

D) sleepy


9. The new CEO, which took over the company is very strict, but also very ___________

A) fairness

B) fair

C) fairly

D) fairest


10. We weren’t able to leave the office ____________ we still had a lot of work to do

A) nonetheless

B) until

C) because

D) if


11. Neither my sister __________ your brother made this mess in the kitchen

A) or

B) before

C) nor

D) since


12. Both Mr. Stanley _________ Mrs. Robinson had to pay for the ticket they got

A) for

B) either

C) and

D) even if


13. __________ we finish all our obligation, we cannot go home

A) if

B) when

C) unless

D) but


14. Our representatives will present the new strategies for next year ________ our CEO arrives.

A) because

B) before

C) if

D) until


15. Oracle Motors increased its sales dramatically this year _____ it brought out a new hybrid car.

A) unless

B) whereas

C) because

D) due to


16. We have to prepare a very convincing presentation; _______________ our project will fail.

A) otherwise

B) nevertheless

C) because

D) for


17. My colleague was calling me __________ I was calling him.

A) before

B) during

C) after

D) while


18. All the students __________ got their scholarships really have a huge responsibility now

A) who

B) whose

C) whom

D) which


19. The date ___________ was supposed to happen today, was canceled

A) it

B) that

C) whose

D) those


20. We have to buy some ingredients ___________ are healthy

A) who

B) it

C) which

D) when


21. My friend is dating a girl _________brother plays in a famous band

  1. A) who
  2. B) whose
  3. C) whom
  4. D) which


22. Mr. Lanyon’s son, —– is a novelist, will get married next month.

  1. A) which
  2. B) who
  3. C) whose
  4. D) whoever


23. They have the right to invite ___________ they want to their party

  1. A) whichever
  2. B) wherever
  3. C) whoever
  4. D) whenever



24. Every year on my birthday, my father always gives me —- I want.

  1. A) where
  2. B) when
  3. C) who
  4. D) what

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