Beginner Grammar, Part 1 (마유영어 입영작)

1. I am a model

2. She smiles beautifully

3. Call me right now

4. I wear glasses

5. You are eating chicken

6. I ate chicken last night

7. I was removing my makeup

8. I will call you later

9. I’m going to go to London to see him

10. I’m leaving tomorrow

11. You have gained weight!

12. I have been studying English for 2 years

13. I used to be popular

14. It’s Valentine’s Day!

15. There’s something on your face

16. I want to eat fried chicken

17. I would like to date you

18. I’m trying to love him

19. I forgot to order it

20. I am planning to move to New York

21. She tends to talk behind others’ backs

22. I am willing to date him

23. I was about to call you!

24. I want you to leave me

25. I told you to wait!

26. I was going to tell you

27. I have kissed a girl before

28. Loving someone is beautiful

29. I like hanging out with you

30. She started crying

31. He keeps calling me

32. Stop eating!

33. Try exercising

34. I don’t feel like talking to you

35. I’m thinking of learning English

36. I had trouble finding this place

37. I’m used to it

38. I ended up eating too much

39. Don’t visit me without calling me

40. I think you’re romantic

41. I hope you like my gift

42. Let’s compare these two

43. Let’s say we are husband and wife

44. It’s too bad you have to leave early

45. Thank god you’re not my girlfriend!

46. There’s no way she’s your girlfriend

47. There’s no wonder she dumped you

48. Now that you’re my boyfriend, call me every day

49. It’s not that I hate you

50. It turns out she’s my sister

51. He turns out to be a millionaire

52. Just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean everyone likes you

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